Hugo Andrade



Hugo was born on September 1st 1977, in Lisbon, Portugal.
From an early age, he tapped on everything he touched and showed a strong interest in percussion, especially drums.

At the age of 13, he joined an evangelical church, where he played drums. Very diligent in his studies, he showed total commitment to playing with the Gospel band. For him, this was a predominant school, enabling him to learn the basics of Gospel, Soul, Funk, Rock and Jazz.

In 1992, he studied with Carlos Miguel. Then, in 2000, he trained with Carlos Rodrigues Pilaro. However, one of the most important technical bases in drumming was acquired between 2002 and 2006, when he decided to take lessons with Henry Sousa at the Crescendo Music School in S.Joao do Estoril, where he developed Latin and Fusion rhythms on several percussion instruments and drums.

Along the way, he also took part in several workshops with André Sousa Machado, Alexandre Frazao and Thomas Lang in Mafra.

In Switzerland, he studied with Sylvie Ayer, a former student of Colective DRUM NY and professor at the Fribourg conservatory. He studied there with the aim of becoming a certified professional drummer in Switzerland.

Since 2008, in Switzerland, I've been playing with several bands. In Trio, Esquina Sur, Paul Farkas, Dilone, Tony's Big Band, He has also taken part in several studio recordings and appeared on RTS radio, as well as on Fribourg radio.

Since 2010, I've been giving drum lessons at the Paul Farkas school and drumming for Free Lancer.

Since 2018, he has been able to play for a singing heart of Prangins, he also played percussion in the company of Riptide.

Today, he still plays with Lilly Roche, Papa Wolf Band, Bennedicte Band, Country Connections, La Groove, John Ollis and others.

"I'm a very versatile person, working according to each musical style. Fusion is one of the musical styles I identify with the most. This style is really diverse and touches on everything from blues to funk, reggae, bossa nova, etc... My drummer of reference is Dave Weckl, a drummer which I admire for his technique and musical style.
I take great pleasure in teaching music. I'm realizing a new dream: to have my own school."

"Not knowing how to read music is extremely liberating for me... When you don't know the rules, you don't know you're breaking them."

Phil Collins - Not Dead Yet, October 2016

  • 14" Swing Sultan Hi-Hats
  • 23" CLarity Ride (discontinued)
  • 18" Devotion Crash
  • 16" FX Shimmer Crash
  • 6" Devotion Splash
  • 10" Devotion Splash